There are various services a bankruptcy lawyer needs to provide to you.

First Consultation

1. Obtain complete information about your property, their value, the amount of your debt

2. Obtain information about any pending lawsuits against you

3. Determine the status of the title of any of your real estate

4. Analyze whether bankruptcy is appropriate for you ? Are you better off not filing for bankruptcy ? Would chapter 7 be appropriate ? Would chapter 13 be appropriate ?

Bankruptcy Schedules

1. In conjunction with you, prepare the bankruptcy petition, schedules, statement of financial affairs, means test, and other required documents

2. Assemble all documents needed to substantiate your bankruptcy schedules

Court Hearings

1. Personally attend the meeting of creditors with you

2. Personally attend all court hearing for your case

Completion of Case

1. Assist you in the completion of your case