Florida Statutes provides for a certain exemption of the proceeds of annuities from the claims of the beneficiary’s creditors. Florida Statute Section 222.14 provides for the exemption of  the “proceeds of annuity contracts issued to citizens or residents of the state, upon whatever form….” from “any creditor of the person who is the beneficiary of such annuity contract, unless the … annuity contract was effected for the benefit of such creditor.”

Elements of the Annuity Exemption



This Florida Statute protects annuity proceeds issued to a Florida citizen or resident. The statute does not require that the annuity contract itself be issues to a Florida citizen or resident.



The proceeds must be from what the statute considers to be an “annuity contract.”   Something may be similar to an annuity, but not be within the statute’s concept of an “annuity contract.”